About Me


Hello everyone, how are you?

My name’s Jennifer, and I’m a 31 year old blogger from the UK. Modern Goddess used to focus on beauty, especially my Younique business. However, I have moved on from that a bit (still love the makeup, just no longer selling it). I’m starting to find joy in writing about other aspects of my life, so expect quite a variety of content here; everything from weightloss, beauty, movies, books, nature…. I’m sure that I will think of more as time goes on!

So who is this weirdo on the internet?

I am a single lady from the North East of England; it’s very wet here! I live with my Mam and Dad, and I have one sister who lives with her partner in Scotland.

I work in a mental health trust, which I love, however it can be quite stressful at times. When I’m away from work, I make sure that I have plenty of hobbies to keep me occupied and help me de-stress.

I have recently started trying to lose weight, and it’s going well so far. Fingers crossed I reach my goals soon, and I’ll be sharing the journey with you guys.

I don’t want to make this too long a read, so I will share more about my life as time goes on, but for now, thank you for stumbling upon my little slice of internet, and I hope you stay and read a few posts.

Bye for now!